14 September 2012

Nails inspirations

Hello~ Sorry last days I had not internet. Therefore I didn't
comment or answer for messages but I'm starting to catch up it from now.
I know seems like I really don't care about blog but really
somehow I got problems now and a little mess in my head.
I have to sort out my mind somehow and be OK.
Pitiful I have no ideas about notes for you.
but I can show u my nails inspirations ;)

They are awesome right ? pitiful that I got no talent to do things
like this on my nails >< echh maybe someday I will learn it. XD
That's all what I prepared for you now.

Now will be song ;3 
Li Wei Feng - You don't know
Austin Mahone- Say Somethin
I hope you will like them ;)


Quote for today
"Love is a feeling you feel when you feel that 
your going to feel a feeling that 
you've never felt before."


  1. Najładniejsze są te z kokardkami ♥ Ja teraz muszę zacząć normalnie prowadzić bloga a nie od święta ^^" Mam nadzieje, że wszystko się u Ciebie ułoży!

  2. 9 najlepsze.^^
    A piosenki są świetne. :)
    Głowa do góry. ;*

  3. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back? http://fashion-by-anita.blogspot.com/


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