18 September 2012

Little Bonbon ❤

Hello~ How are you ? 
What do you think about this soo cute 
song and generally video ?
I think it's too cute can't stop watching it. XD
Anyway, everything is fine. ^^ I was in employment office
and bank I was very busy. Today I decided
about start care myself, health and everything.
Therefore I went for roller skates. ^^ 
It's fun after hmm around 9 years go for roller skates
but I think it's good to make my condition and body shape better. ;)

Today I wanted just show you some video with my bunny.
It's a little old because made around 3 months ago but I think
about make new one haha ! Enjoy !
He is too cute right ?

Today I cooked something after roller skates. I were so hungry
and cook rice with and sausage in some sweet and sour sauce
and contrary to appearances, it was delicious!

 OK That's all for now. ^^
Gusttavo Lima- Fora do Comum
(ahh.. why He is so handsome XD)
Mayday(五月天) -諾亞方舟


Quote for today
"Do not judge what someone is doing,  
until you find out why.  
Any crazy decision for a reason.." 


  1. słodkie króliczki :)
    P.S Zapraszam http://www.facebook.com/SkullIsCoolJewelry

  2. Piosenka mnie rozwaliła xD
    Aa twój króliczek słodziutki ♥
    Jak się wabi ? :3

  3. Kurcze, uwielbiam taki ryż z sosem i parówkami. Chyba jutro sobie zrobię na obiad :D Dzięki serdecznie za pomysł, bo już się obawiałam że znów zjem na mieście. Świetnie prowadzisz swojego bloga, dobrze się czyta i ogląda twoje zdjęcia ♥
    Zapraszam do mojego bloga. Może zaobserwujesz? :)


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