07 September 2012


 Hello! Sorry, that last time I didn't write but I had no time
and no idea what I should write to you. I really don't want
make you boring by my boring life hahah.OK, Yesterday was really
great day I met with my best friend Ola(Matsu) and her Japanese friend Kanji.
We gone to shop buy beer and went on the beach to drink it
and talking. Generally It was enjoyable time hahahah ^^
The best friend forever ! <3 Love you soo much ^O^
I don't know what I would do without you. I'm really thankful Ola that u r with me, 
talk with me always etc. I'm sure that I can trust you ! really thank you !
Ohhh, I'm soo shy XDDDDDD but I like this pic somehow. ^O^
Sorry haha u can't see my face completely but I did my best to do something with it.
hahaha my hairs bleh.. everything by sea and darkness I hate flesh pics ! XD
Next pic with Ola and hand censor on my face ;d
And Ola with Kanji on the back hahaah he looks like ghost LOL.

Anyway It was really nice talking in english but I was shy and my english
speaking is really bad so I talked less. :P I can't wait to see you Ola next week ^O^ 
We must go shopping haha ;) I need your help haha.. 
OK, OK That's all about yesterday ^^ I will think about next notes.

Now some song ^^ I'm sure everyone know this song !
I like this song somehow it's really good for me ^O^
This guitars and drums !! OK enjoy ^^
Kong of Leons - Use somebody
and something from chinese rock ;) 
Mr. - 黑色狂迷

Take care !

Quote for today
"Frien­ds are an­gels who lift us to our feet 
when our win­gs ha­ve troub­le 
re­mem­be­ring how to fly."


  1. szkoda,że niektóre prześwietlone

  2. sliczne zdj ;)
    przyjazn jest wazna ;d

  3. Świetny cytat odnośnie przyjaźni. :)

    Co powiesz na dodanie się wzajemnie do obserwowanych? :>


  4. FAjne . :D

    Zapraszam na mój blog:
    Jeśli ty zaobserwujesz mój, ja się zrewanżuję.:)
    (Napisz jeśli zaobserwujesz)

  5. Wcięło mój komentarz -_-
    Nie lubię blogów po angielsku, bo mój angol kuleje...ale za to oglądam piękne zdjęcia:D

  6. gdyńska plaża ma swój urok wieczorami i nocą ♥


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