10 December 2012


! How are you guys ?! :) I'm OK last time my good mood don't leave me ^^ I think it's because Christmas comming ! This week I will need clean my home and start decore it because I still feel that it's not enough christmas looking but I need wait for next injury of cash. XD I got information that yesterday my friend send me kind of christmas package ! I can't wait to recive it. >.< Last Friday I was in Szperk Gallery and bought some Christmas cards ! which I will send to my Taiwanese friends than I gone to supermarket buy things to package for my friend. :)

 Yesterday I wanted eat something sweet but diffrent than Polish so I looked in wardrobe and found this XD
It's some Taiwanese chocolate. I fall in love in it really ! :3 It's similar taste to Snikers but more peanut and no carmel :P but really nice I left a few for Christmas. :D

 This week will be difficult but full of fun :) Probably I will go with Ola to cinema ! So long didn't see her. >.< Tommorow I go send this postcards and package and in Saturday my Asian friend come from Warsaw to meet with me ! :) I start feel a little stress but I guess everything will be ok :D I have some surprise for you and it will be made in a few days. ;)

P.S What do you think about my new Panda cursor ? :D

Now some nice song from my Ya Lun
炎亞綸Aaron Yan - 被忘錄 Memo



  1. mniaam :D

    Zapraszam do mnie na konkurs, do wygrania bon do sklepu (H&M, C&A, New Yorker czy Reserved) Zgłoszenia do 13 grudnia ! :)


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