22 December 2012

changes in room~

Hello! What's up ? Do you still live there ? :D I think everyone are fine because there was no end of the world. Chaos made around 21th was a useless it was clear that it won't happen but we can wait next end of the world in 2060. ;) Not long ago I talked with one friend from Taiwan and we made postcard exchange. It's his postcards ^^ one Christmas second Railway ;) They are really nice I added it to my collection on shelf. I told you I will go buy some shoes but I bought not only shoes I bought slippers too ! XD
I think I needed something without high-heel because last winter I walked only in high-heel winter shoes. So I bough something looks like emu with fur inside so they are so warm and made in some kind of fake leather and seems my feet don't get wet when snow will start melt. XD
That's my pink fluffy slippers~ they are so warm and soft. ;3 Just perfect for winter evenings. ^^
 I wanted show you effect of Christmas decorating my room i think it will be end. I added also some changes on my shelf because yesterday when I clean up room I just changed it and wanted show you. ;)
Sorry, that at the end my little Christmas tree is so dark but I made this video at 1am I think in day It wouldn't be the same effect >.< OK enjoy it :)

I got for you some nice song
Jason Chen - SnowFlake



  1. O, mam podobne kapcie, tyle że są takie długie, jak jakieś kozaczki. :D Ale też różowe i puchate! :D
    A ta sałatka, to to co przyniosłam z wigilii, to zjadła moja siostra z przyjaciółkami, i nic się nie zmarnowała, więc musiała smakować, wiec mogę polecić :D

  2. buty !! :D moja koleżanka ma takie i jej zazdroszczę ;D

  3. też uwielbiam takie puchate kapcioszki, niedawno o nich nawet pisałam:d buty świetne;d fajny pokoj:)


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