02 December 2012

100 post !

Hello ! Co tam ? ^^ I'm OK It's 100 post ! Aww aniversary.. But I dont have nothing special for you my readers >.<" Sorry !

 Today I was on little shopping and you see I bought some stuff to room. It's candle and lantern :) Candle with really Christmas print! I like it! (Pepco 5,99 PLN). Lantern I bought in Jysk there was white, red, black and silver but white looked the most pretty and fit's to my room. ^^ (8,50 PLN). 

 I saw so many Christmas stuff in shops now. I think I want buy some Christmas stickers to my phone. :D I saw some really pretty in Empik >.< but I will buy it next time. ;) I think about buy some candle which looks like pine cone. :) It would really looks so nice on my windowsill or desk.

 After shopping in Szperk I gone with mom to Biedronka and bought more candles. My mom bought some orange candles but I choosen Vanilla. Why ? because they have really nice colour which fits to my room. :D  
What do you think about this things ?
 Two days ago I tried two things which I got from my Taiwanese friend. ^^ First is kind of jelly~ but hmm it's plum taste really nice smell etc. but taste is a little sour for me but bearable. :) Second one is lolipo with Pickled Plum ;oo
Lolipop was yummy but first what I did I just tried bite this plum and couldnt do it so just keep eat lolipop than I felt plum taste. It was really interesting taste and got nice smell but I didn't like this plum XD Generally I ate lolipop but it's not my favourite sweet. XD

 Next time I will try another plum powdered candy and some brown sugar thing. I will check it when I will try and tell you everything about it. ;) Now time for some relaxing music which I got from my one Taiwanese friend. ^^ 谢谢你 (Thank you)

Alex Thao - What Are Words



  1. waniliowe świeczuszki!
    Jak zapalisz trzy na raz to wtedy
    cały pokój będzie ci capił wanilią ♥

    bleeee śliwki ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ

  2. Co te piosenki takiego w sobie mają że coraz bardziej mi się podobają hah ^_^
    Uwielbiam Wanilię *.*
    Ja niedawno obchodziłam mój 100 post. ;P

  3. świąteczne ozdoby!Jeszcze nie mam głowy do kompletowania ich;<

    wysłałam ci dość ważnego miala dla mnie^^
    mam nadzieję,że odbierzesz^^

  4. zapraszam na konkurs na moim blogu - do wygrania dowolny naszyjnik :)


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