17 December 2012


 Hello~ Sorry for long absence but I really had no idea about new notes. But after weekend I got some ideas. Anyway What's up ? I bought some Christmas stuff to room but about it next time :) Whole last week was so boring for me. I just sit and did nothing interesting >.< just waited for weekend ^^ because in weekend my one Asian friend came to Gdynia. :) We spend whole Saturday together, pity that weather was so bad and we had to hide in some warm places by snowing or raining and there was terrible wind so I couldn't show him some nice places in Gdynia just weather didn't allow us for this. =.="
 First I just go to Gdańsk by SKM to pick up him and than back with him to Gdynia we found his hostel than go eat something to Sphinx ^^ after dinner in Sphinx we gone to cinema watch Frankenweenie. XD Lucky it was without dubbing and my friend could understand movie. Generally it was really nice movie many funny scenes etc. I really recomment this movie if someone didn't watch this yet.;) After that just take walk than coffee in Starbucks ^^
White mocha with cranberries for my friend and brownie :3 for me just Toffee Nut Late ! Gosh it was sooo yummy I drunk middle cup in around 10 mins. haha.. I have to back there soon. XD Than just time to go eat something so we went to vietnamese restaurant "Good Morning Vietnam" aww soo yummy food and spicy~! I like it :)
Pic with Ming :D hahaa~ around 1am i go back to home and in Sunday we just gone to Gdańsk for walk in old town and He had to go back to Warsaw >.< Generally it was really nice weekend :) We talked a lot just Sunday a little less because We both was so sleepy. XD I hope we meet again soon in Warsaw or Tricity~
 Ahh and I got some gift it's painting ! ;O it was really nice and match to my room yesterday my dad hung it.
Now just time for some song which I found not long ago~ no no it's not christmas song XDDD OK enjoy it.黃鴻升Alien Huang-忘了怎麼快樂(Forget how to be happy)



  1. Awww ale miałaś miły weekend^^
    miałam iść na frankenweenie w piątek ale mój kolega (swoją drogą też azjata lol) akurat się rozchorował :<
    a! i pamiętaj dać mi znać kiedy będziesz w wawie ;D

  2. Multikino ! :D ja jutro się tam wybieram :D

  3. No, no :) Więc się nie nudziliście~♥
    A mi Frankenweenie, aż tak się nie podobał... Jakaś
    taka dziwna ta bajka~ Wolę zdecydowanie 'jak wytresować
    smoka' XD

  4. No może nie J-rocka, bo tam tylko poszczególne piosenki, ale Japonii jak najbardziej. :D Widzę że Ty też, więc także dodaję do obserwowanych i będę wpadać jak tylko znajdę czas! :D


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