04 December 2012

Vlog list

Cześć ! Co tam ?! I'm really good. Today I got an idea for write about my favourite youtube channels. I don't have many Vlogs which I subscribe and follow what they add but I wanted show you just a few for me really good vlogs. :) If you also like some Vlog ! Tell me! I check it and who knows maybe will like it. :). Ok so now I show you my short list of vlogs ;)

#1 Shimmy
Korean guy which born in Canada :) 
He have two chanells Vlog chanel(http://www.youtube.com/user/ShimmyHeartsYou
and kind of video channel (http://www.youtube.com/shimmy)
Anyway all his videos are pretty interesting ^^

#2 Higa
Korean guy live in U.S.A :) 
He is vocalist of YTF group(about it later)
He have some funny and sometimes a little crazy videos :D

#3 Azjatycki cukier
I think everyone know who is that :D
Polish girl live in Singapore ^^ I think she is really popular
in Poland :) and I really like her videos.

4# Bubzbeauty
 Korean girl live in U.S.A She have a channel where
give some advices about beauty and make up. :)
I think really usefull ^^

5# Victor Kim
Koren guy live in U.S.A XD vocalist of YTF
most of his videos are dance or music covers but really nice :)

6# XiaXue
Chinese girl from Singapore :) 
She is really popular bloger around world~
somehow I like her style ^^

#7 Sam Tsui
It's really nice american singer :) 
I like his covers and generally songs !
 I really recommend because He have amazing voice ;)

 Accidentally it's most of asian vlogers. I really don't know how it happened. XD I hope you can check them and maybe one of them will fall to your taste. :) Of course I like more youtubers but I didn't want make you bored ;) and as i wrote if you really have interesting Vlogers just tell me. I want enlarge this group. :)

Ludacris - Rest Of My Life (ft. Usher and David Guetta)



  1. To ja polecam ci Heart i jej dwa kanały: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThatsHeart i http://www.youtube.com/user/ThatsHeartTV ;)

  2. najbardziej lubię azjatyckicukier ale inne też są dobre :)

  3. Rzadko zaglądam na typowe "kanały" na yt. częściej po prostu oglądam klipy ^^

  4. W sumie kojarzę tylko azjatycki cukier, ale uwielbiam ją :D Nie dość, że pisze o azjatyckich tematach, to na dodatek ma azjatycką urodę. :D Wydaje się taka milusia i słodzia :D

  5. Uwielbiam Bubz i XiaXie ♥
    Obie są śliczne i wydają się takie miłe
    i mieć fajne życie i eh,... zazdroszcze im :D


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