05 December 2012

Panda Earmuffs

 Hello, What's up ? :D So long didn't see ya~ Hah everyone shows their snow. Unfortunely in my city not so much snow but two days when I woke up around 1pm. :D I saw this ! I was so happy >.< but I want more more more snooooow~ XD
 Today My mom told me that she talked with postman and he told he come to us around 2pm to give some box from aboard. :D I thought WTF what a box ;O It was little gift from my Taiwanese friend ! and what I found inside ? Panda Earmuffs ! Thera are not so aborable ^O^ ?!
I'm really happy that I got them ! They are really comfortable , warm and looks damn cute ! :3 I'm really thankful for this gift ! This week I'm going to send some Christmas postcards to friends. ^^ Yesterday I got email from Show Luo channel ;) and noticed new MV :3 I hope you can enjoy this song ! It's fantastic and very catchy ! I think he looks so cute in yellow jumper. :D

羅志祥SHOW - 鬧翻天



  1. Wyglądają słodko na Tobie!
    Też śnieżek pokazałam XD

  2. Hey thanks :) Oh really is it too early for you? haha I just cant wait for xmas!! ♥
    the panda earmuffs are so nice!

  3. jezu oddaj mi te nauszniki !

  4. The panda earmuffs are so darn cute! Really lovely! Looks good on you Dorota! Love how you really look with it! :) Really lucky you got it from your friend. :)
    Happy weekend dear! :)

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  5. oo widzę, że też odkryłaś jak zmienić kursor :)) z jakiej strony kożystałaś ? :P


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