19 December 2012

Taiwanese Christmas Gifts

Hello~ What's up ? I'm really OK :) Yesterday evening someone knock to my home. I go open door and see there was postman ! and give me two boxes ;O I was curious what is it~ and remind ahhhh Lied told he will send me gifts :3 I just put them on floor and sign some papers. :)
What I found inside ?
OK now much clear photos :)
1) First what I noticed it was big album one of my favourite Taiwanese Singers and Actors. 羅志祥Show Luo ! Album name is Over The Limit. There are 2 CDS (20 old and new songs) and book [?] It's really big and awesome album there are many my favourite songs ! and this cover is 3D ~! It shows two faces of Show Luo depends how you hold it(you can notice on UP).! I'm really happy I got it! Thank you so much Lied !
 2)I found there also sweets (cookies and candies) from left some Taiwanese candies ;) , Japanese Koala cookies strawberry flavor and some Taiwanese cookies it looks a little like Pocky :D anyway really nice and I'm sure I will love it ! <3
 3) Lied told me once that he was in some place where is a lot of coffee etc. and got two cups to drink coffee so he gave me one of them. :) I'm so happy ! ^O^ I can drink my favourite Latte ice coffee in this cup. ^^
 4) Poster of 羅志祥Show Luo :) which promotes his new album Over The Limit. I tell you it looks really awesome this leopard clothes are one of my favourites in of his videos. ;) Now on my wall.~

5)I got also pack of Taiwanese cakes/cookies ! I started eat them and its really delicious ! but about it I will write maybe in next post ;)

 Now maybe some song of Show Luo - Over The Limit
What do you think about this gifts ? One of my dreams were get album of Show Luo , Ya Lun(Aaron Yan), Vanness Wu. ;) I'm really happy that I got one of them ! It's really difficult get it by internet and if I found it. It's really expensive I showed it to my Taiwanese friends and they told it's really expensive and sometimes even triple bigger price than prices of the same album in Taiwan. >.<" Why it's like that ? OK want earn but triple !!! =.=

 I'm really happy every time when I get pack or letter from Lied :) and I really happy I got him and He can share with me some his favourite Taiwanese sweets/snacks from childhood or something ^^ I can't wait to meet with him in June ! :D 



  1. Łaaaa X__x ten Lied jest za dobry dla Ciebie :P
    A ty co mu przesłałaś/masz zamiar przesłać
    na święta ? (^_^ )

  2. Hm.. Czasem dodaje zdjęcia w makijażu,ale ogólnie to tak mi sie nie chce malować ;d


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