11 December 2012

Winter design~

Hello ! What's up ? :) I'm fine. You know long time ago I plan make new winter design! ^O^ because old colours and stuff didn't fit too much to this what we see outside. :) I didn't want typical Christmas layout because It would be boring so fast (after christmas) and I had to change it in january again. XD New Header was made by my Taiwanese friend Wen-Yu(Lied). <3 and yeah, it's me with little snow man haha.. so cute right ? this Chinese signs on Header it's 永不放棄 in short Never Give Up. What about background and PANDA cursor? I don't know why but I loved it. It reminds me about Christmas. :D I have to make some things yet but this blog start really looks so good. :)
 So pretty snow from today <3 but I still want more >.< !
 Yesterday I was in central Gdynia for send postcards and package to Taiwan. :) I think next maybe this week I gonna send letters and postcards again. I really want all my friends get it, sooner or later. :D When I back for bus stop to home I noticed something so pretty !
Sorry that not clear >.< It was so dark and my phone not so good. :P on left were blue stars at the end you can see Christmas tree whole in blue. It made me WOW. XD It reminds everyone that Christmas time is close. :DDD I saw on the streets lamp little christmas trees, I think I will go to central next time watching all Chritstmas/Winter decorations which they made in my city. :3

Now I wanna show you some nice christmas cover ;)
Tanner Patrick - Jingle Bell Rock



  1. it's hard to believe christmas is almost here

  2. Pomału wszędzie zachodzą zmiany :) ciekawie tutaj!

  3. Zaraziłaś mnie miłością do pand . :D
    Wygląd mi sie jak najbardziej podoba *.*
    A piosenka wpada w ucho. :)

  4. Swietny blog :) będę tu wpadał częściej :)

    Zapraszam do mnie:


  5. W takim razie powodzenia w zbieraniu na aparat :)

  6. Hey thank you ♪Awww I will miss you too! If you like, add me on facebook or something to stay in touch? :3 It's Kerstin Neko
    But you don't have to haha ^-^
    Your layout is super pretty. You seem to be really good at webdesign! ♪
    Hugs and Kisses x

  7. Nom ta kurtka jest ekstra ! :D

  8. bardzo fajne są te zdjęcia, klimatyczne. :)

    pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie. :)


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